Is it necessary to confess to a loved one in treason

Unfortunately, the topic of change is always relevant. And everyone has a different attitude towards it. Someone allows entertainment on the side, while others consider adultery a betrayal and file for divorce. Even a seemingly strong union, in which the partners went through fire, water and copper pipes, is not protected from infidelity. Moreover, not only men are prone to this, but also women to no lesser extent. Today, together with, we will figure out why the fair sex decides to cheat, what to do in such a situation and whether it is worth confessing to your loved one.

Why do women cheat?

Most women are monogamous by nature. But there are exceptions, which happen mainly due to serious problems in the relationship. However, unlike men, girls are rarely interested in sex for the sake of satisfying physiological needs, since emotional connection is much more important for them. Thus, she gets on the side what she lacks in a relationship.

  • Not enough emotion. The storm of feelings, characteristic of the candy-bouquet period, sooner or later weakens. For the most part, having won a girl, men relax and stop caring for her, pay less attention, and practically do not make compliments. Then she ceases to feel special and important for her beloved, and a new boyfriend allows her to fill the gap.
  • Loneliness. In this case, it is not necessary to take into account delays at work, business meetings, business trips. Even physically being nearby, there is often a feeling that the partner is somewhere far away in his thoughts. Then, again due to lack of attention, we feel lonely. And communication on the side allows you to get the warmth that is lacking in a relationship.

  • Revenge. No matter how strange it may sound, some girls really decide to cheat in order to inflict pain on their partner that they themselves have experienced. Moreover, in this case, she definitely will not hide the fact of adultery for obvious reasons. She thinks that she will teach a man a lesson, cause jealousy and force him to reconsider his views on relationships.

  • Control. Some men are incredible ownersBecause of this, they constantly put various restrictions on their partners, bother with regular calls with checks, demand reports on where and with whom they spent time. Those, in turn, dream of breaking out of the shackles of marriage and feeling at least a little freedom. One of the cardinal ways to “breathe fresh air” is closeness with a new gentleman, with whom he feels easy and free.

Obviously, if the betrayal is not due to a desire for revenge, the partner is unlikely to be notified of what happened or is happening so far. Therefore, the sudden secrecy of the girl will be the first wake-up call. After all, we are used to always telling our beloved about everything, even revealing the secrets of our friends. There are fewer conversations, she always carries her phone with her, superficially talks about how her day went? Read the rest

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