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Legitimizing your relationship, you never know for sure that this particular marriage will be the last. Some couples are unlucky. Their stories are far from fairy tales, in the conclusion of which they say about the main characters: “And they lived happily ever after.” But still, such prospects are attractive, because people begin to search for a new love. But is it worth it to enter into a new relationship after a breakup?

Breakups are always stressful. Even despite the fact that for some it turns out to be salvation and a welcome event, while for others it is not easy. In the latter case, a whole variety of negative feelings arise: pain, despair, fear, resentment, jealousy, and so on. And to alleviate their suffering, people seek to find a new love.

Reasons why people are in a hurry to enter into a new relationship

  • The desire to forget and drown out the pain;
  • Fear of being alone;
  • Realize the unfulfilled dream of a happy family;
  • Forget the former;
  • Make him jealous;
  • to love again;
  • Feel loved;
  • Get rid of the thought of the return of the ex-lover.

Sometimes people meet the second half not only immediately after the breakup, but even before the dissolution of the marriage, for example, when the process turns out to be quite lengthy. During this time, relationships with new lovers can develop rapidly. Then especially decisive people have questions about the next marriage. But, unfortunately, sometimes such relationships can be called substitutive. What does it mean? Now let’s figure it out!

The purpose of this kind of connection is to cope with despair, loneliness, pain and fill the inner emptiness, and in some cases return to the former. But often such relationships are fleeting and do not end with a happy ending, because a person unconsciously builds them in the same way as the previous ones. So, he will again experience these negative emotions.

It is possible to determine substitution relations by a number of signs.

  1. You understand that you still have feelings for the former, but you try your best not to notice it.
  2. Compare new relationships with old ones and often remember them.
  3. Looking for the features of the previous one in the current gentleman.
  4. Constantly talk about the ex-lover or, conversely, categorically do not mention.
  5. Demonstrate new relationships.
  6. You do not want to spend time with the newly-minted chosen one.
  7. Feel hostility from close contact with a boyfriend or use it specifically for intimacy.
  8. Don’t treat him as a person.
  9. You have frequent mood swings, bouts of aggression that are directed at your current partner.
  10. Imagine making up with your ex and getting him back.
So, back to the main question: when can you enter into a new relationship? If you understand that you really found your person or even started close communication with him during marriage, you can formalize the relationship at any time. Otherwise, in order not to worry again and not experience a lot of negative emotions, you should not immediately run into the arms of another man. 
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